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Hammered Coins, Roman and ancient Greek coins for sale and purchased.

Inexpensive Roman Coins and Lots For sale - For Modern milled British coins, visit www.predecimal.com

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The Seven
Well even I couldn't call them "Magnificent", but here are 7 different Roman coins dating from the 3rd and 4th centuries.  There are three antoninianii, the first is of Gallienus (253-268), the reverse depicting Pax holding an olive branch. Next is of Claudius II (Gothicus), the reverse depicting Laetitia standing.  Last antoninianus was issued under Probus (276-282). the reverse of this coin depicts Probus receiving a globe surmounted by Victory from Jupiter. There is a little AE of Constantine the Great (307-37), depicting 2 soldiers with standards between, another of Julian II (360-3), Julian with globe resting on a spear on the reverse. One more of Gratian (367-383) with Gratian holding a labarum and resting on a shield on the reverse, and lastly a tiny AE of Theoodosius (379-395) with VOT X MULT XX on the reverse.

 Price £38 SOLD

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Divus Marcus Aurelius.
(161-180)  Silver denarius struck by Commodus in honour of the later Emperor in 180 AD. The reverse isn't a wedding cake, but a pyramidal crematorium.

Price £18

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Faustina II
(Wife of M Aurelius) AR denarius, the reverse depicting Fecunditas holding child..

Price £28 SOLD

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Mark Antony
(Died 30 BC) AR legionary denarius struck just prior to the Actium campaign. This coin struck to honour the 16th Legion. Somewhat worn, but an inexpensive example of a coin struck for one of the most famous men in history.

Price £49

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Septimius Severus
(193-211) AR denarius, the reverse depicting Liberalitas standing, holding an abacus and cornucopia.  S6306 Minted Rome 209 AD   Typical small denarius of Sept.Severus

Price £18

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Roman Republic
Quinarius of Ti Claulius II dating from 98 BC. The obverse depicts the head of Jupiter and the reverse Victory crowning trophy with captive at the foot.

Price £20

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Plated silver denarius, the reverse depicting Annona.  The plating actually show us that this coin is an ancient forgery made to fool an ancient baker (or possibly a slave dealer!)The base metal can be seen where the silver has worn through.

Price £23

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Elizabeth I.
Martlet shilling (1573-8).  A little crinkled.  S2555.

Price £75

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(198-217).  Silver denarius, the reverse depicting Marss. The coin is somewhat pitted, but still retains a reasonable portrait.

Price £28


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Roman Imperial Happy Family.
3 silver denarii, of Septimius Severus and his family.  The first, of Severus himself (198-211) depicts him sacreficing over a tripod altar on the reverse.  The denari of Julia Domna, his wife, depicts Diana Lucifera with torch on the reverse and the third, of the young Emperor Caracalla (198-217), has Caracalla standing beside a trophy on the reverse.
All coins come with description.

Price £66 the lot. SOLD


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Severus Alexander
Silver denarius, of Severus Alexander (222-235) the reverse depicting Mars holding olive branch. spear and shield.  The reverse with some encrustation.

Price £16


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Philip II.
(247-249)  Silver tetradrachm of Antiochia ad Orontem (Syria). Reverse depicts an eagle with wings spread. Somewhat pitted due to the base quality of the metal. S4145

Price £22 (reduced from £28)


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Faustina Senior
Wife of Antoninus Pius. (138-161).Silver denarius, the reverse depicting a peacock.  It was not always necessary for Roman Emperors to be dead before deification, but it was the norm for their wives. Faustina died in 141 and was deified by her husband shortly after.

Price £28

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I8th Century token.
1794 copper halfpenny token of Middlesex.  J Lackington, bookseller.

Price £8  SOLD


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(218-222) Denarius, somewhat pitted, but with reasonably high silver content.  The reverse depicts Providentia..

Price £24

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Unidentified Byzantine.
Lot of 5 ancient Byzantine bronze coins.  All genuine but not, as yet identified.  A couple might be quite difficult, but they are cheap and something to play with.      


The lot £20

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Unidentified lot
9 genuine ancient bronze coins that have not been identified, and in all honesty, I think one or two would be very hard to accurately nail.  I noticed an antoninianus of Claudius Gothicus a coin of Constans a Byzantine coin and, unusually, an antoninianus of Carausius. They date from the 3rd - 5th centuries.  They are, by no means, world beaters, but are all genuine, a bit of fun and not too expensive.

9 coins £28 SOLD

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Scarce denarius of Titus (79-81) struck in honour of the Divus Vespasian in 80AD.  The reverse depicts an empty triumphal quadriga. Obvious wear, but an interesting coin

Price £42

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Julia Domna
(Wife of Septimius Severus 193-211.  Silver denarius the reverse depicting Vesta enthroned.

Price £18


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Silver denarius struck whilst Emperor (177-192 AD)  Obverse depicts Libertas holding Pileus. Star in field to right.

Price £26
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(198-217) Silver denarius, struck as Caesar (195-198), the reverse depicts Mars advancing holding trophy and spear. S6675

Price: £24 SOLD

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