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Roman Coins For Sale - For Modern milled British coins, visit www.predecimal.com

Coin Sale terms - To view any of the coins below, click on the smaller picture to reveal a larger image. To purchase any of the Roman coins below please use the 'Buy this coin' link to the right of the description. When you have finished adding coins to your order you may use the 'Checkout' option above to pay for your order, either by credit card or other means. 

Postage is charged at 3% of the order value for UK customers and at 6% of the Order value for US/World customers. The postage cost is always for the most insured method of sending and will automatically be added to your order before you make payment. if you have any special requirements there is a space to write them in the Checkout area.


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(260-69) Antoninianus of Cologne the reverse depicting Hercules resting on a club.  Struck 260-5..

Price £26

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Claudius II (Gothicus
(268-70) AE antoninianus.  Reverse depicts Mars standing.  Reasonable portrait for such an inexpensive coin.

Price £10 SOLD

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(276-82) Pleasant antoninianus, The reverse depicts Sol in chariot facing.

Price £26

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Aurelian & Vabalathus                                               
 (270-272) Alexandrian tetradrachm of Aurelian and Vabalathus, who was joint Emperor until Aurelian became sufficiently powerful to defeat him in battle.  Scarce coin. Typically dumpy little Egyption tetradrachm.

Price £45

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Wife of Aurelian.  Antoninianus, the reverse depicting Concordia Militum, standing with a standard in either hand.  Some silvering still remaining. 

Price £38

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A5Carus.jpg (149571 bytes)

Divus Carus
(282-3) Antoninianus, struck after the unfortunate death and subsequent deification of Carus who was struck by lightning shortly after taking the Persian city of Ctesiphon in Assyria. 

Price £68 SOLD

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(284-305) Attractive bronze follis with an excellent portrait of this well known Emperor.  He reformed the government, reformed the coinage and became one of the very few Emperors to retire from public office and live to a ripe old age.  The reverse depicts Moneta standing with scales and cornucopia.  Aquileia mint. (near Trieste in Italy)

Price £36 SOLD
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(305-6) Billon Follis of Lugdunum (Lyons France).  Obverse has Emperor with spear in his right hand.  Reverse depicts a turreted Genius standing holding cornucopia and wreath..

Price £34 SOLD
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O2Max.jpg (167245 bytes)

(286-310) AE antoninianus (First reign 286-305) The reverse depicts Pax.

Price £54

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(286-310) AE follis.  (Second Reign 306-8) Roma seated in hexastyle temple on the reverse.

Price £28

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Second wife of Constantius I (305-6) Scarce reduced centenionalis of Rome with a pleasant portrait.  The reverse depicts Pietas. The actual year of her death is not known although it is assumed to be a few years before this series of coins were struck in her honour (around 337-40 AD)..

Price £85 SOLD

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Constantine I (The Great)
(307-337) Follis of Lugdunum (Lyons in France).  The reverse depicts Sol with globe.Nice dark patina and an attractive portrait.

Price £24

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H5Constantine_edited-1.jpg (220323 bytes)

Constantine II
(337-40) AE3 minted at Treveri (Trier Germany). The reverse VOT X in wreath.

Price £12

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Constantius II
(337-361) Second son of Constantine I and Fausta, he spent much of his life warring (against Magnentius, German tribes, Persians etc) only to die of disease on his way to do battle with Cousin Julius.
Silver siliqua minted at Lugdunum (Lyons France).  The reverse (VOTIS XXX MVLTIS XXXX relates to the vows undertaken by Emperors.

Price £69 SOLD

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G4Magnentius.jpg (141863 bytes)

(350-3) AE centenionalis, the reverse depicting 2 Victories with inscribed shield.

Price £54

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X3Magnentius.jpg (173319 bytes)

(350-3) AE centenionalis of Lugdunum (Lyons). Rev large Christogram.

Price £68

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Julian II
(360-363) Silver siliqua of Julian II, struck at Treveri (Trier, Germany). Rev Votis V Multis X in wreath.  S19129.

Price £75 SOLD

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J4Jovian.jpg (144069 bytes)

(363-4) AE3 the reverse with VOT V in wreath. MM Heraclea. A nice portrait of a scarce Emperor.

Price £64

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A5Jovian.jpg (161179 bytes)

(363-4) AE3 the reverse with VOT V MVLT in wreath. Mint of Siscia.

Price £68

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Valentinian II
(375-392) Silver siliqua minted at Treveri (Trier) in Germany.  The reverse depicts Victory. Coin has a tiny crack which are often seen in siliquas, but the coin has a nice portrait of this unfortunate young man who was proclaimed Emperor at the age of 4 and was encouraged to commit suicide at the age of 21.

Price £135

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T5Gratian.jpg (125099 bytes)

(367-83)  AE2, the reverse depicting Gratian raising kneeling female figure.

Price £42

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(383-408)  If you ever wondered what 500 years of gradual decline brings, it's this grotty little series of bronze coins of Arcadius.  This is actually better than most.  Approximately 12 mm in diameter. The reverse VOT V in wreath.

Price £19

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