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Ancient Greek Coins For sale - For Modern milled British coins, visit www.predecimal.com

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Coin Sale terms - To view any of the coins below, click on the smaller picture to reveal a larger image. To purchase any of the coins below please use the 'Buy this coin' link to the right of the description. When you have finished adding coins to your order you may use the 'Checkout' option above to pay for your order, either by credit card or other means. 

Postage is charged at 3% of the order value for UK customers and at 6% of the Order value for US/World customers. The postage cost is always for the most insured method of sending and will automatically be added to your order before you make payment. if you have any special requirements there is a space to write them in the Checkout area.


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Greek Southern Italy
Silver didrachm of Velia dating from 400-350 BC.  The obverse depicts a lion.  "Unlike many of the Greek cities of Southern Italy, Velia was never captured by the Lucanians and in 275 BC became a Roman ally" (David Sear Greek Coins & Their Values Vol I)

Price: 185

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Silver diobol of Pergamon, dating from 330-284 BC.  Head of Herakles on the obverse and a cult statue of Athena on the reverse. S3942. 12mm in diameter.

Price 75

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QAttic.jpg (215163 bytes)

Silver tetradrachm of Athens. 449-413 BC.  The obverse depicting Athena and the reverse an owl.  Ancient bankers test mark on reverse. 

Price £195 SOLD

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Silver drachm of Side in Pamphylia, dating from 183-175 BC. Head of Athena on the obverse and Nike with wreath on the reverse. 16mm in diameter.

Price £75

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Tiny silver hemidrachm of Abydus. 4th century BC.  Obverse depicts the head of Apollo and the reverse an eagle. Metal flaw on the reverse but still an attractive little coin about 11 mm in diameter S4011..

Price 74

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Attractive but tiny silver obol of Assos, the obverse with griffin, and the reverse an incuse square.  7mm in diameter, the coin dates from around 450 BC.

 Price £36

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Lycian League
Silver Drachm of Olympos. 167-100 BC. Head of Apollo on the obverse and a lyre on the reverse.

 Price £115

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Silver drachm of Epidamnos-Dyrrhachium dating from the late 3rd to the early 2nd Century BC.  The obverse depicts a cow and her calf, with Moneyer or Magistrate's name above.  Some scratches on obverse.

Price £35 SOLD

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Silver 1/3 stater of Arados, dating from the middle of the 4th Century BC.  The obverse depicts the head of King Gerostratos (?) and the reverse a galley. S5979. A nice dumpy coin 11mm in diameter.

Price £58

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AR AE21 of Parion in Mesambria, an important Thracian colony on the Black Sea coast.  The coin dates from 3rd - 2nd centuries BC..  Obverse depicts a female head and the reverse Athena Alkidemos advancing. .

Price £32

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Silver AE 27 of Maroneia  A nice chunky bronze coin dating from a little after 148 BC. Obverse depicts the head of Dionysos and the reverse the naked Dionysos with a bunch of grapes. S1636 (sim)

Price 28 SOLD

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Kingdom of the Elymais
AE drachm of Orodes II who was king of this mysterious quasi-independent country during the first half of the 2nd century AD.

Price £19

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AE9 of Gergis dating from the middle of the 4th century BC. The obverse depicts the head of Sibyl Herophile and the reverse a spynx.

Price £29

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AR 1/12th stater of Miletos.  The obverse depicts the forepart of a lion with his head turned back. 9mm in diameter.

Price £74

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Bronze coin (AE19) of Phalanna, Circa 350 BC.  Obverse with male head and reverse the head of the nymph Phalanna.  S2180

Price 49 SOLD

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Silver tetartemmorion of Phokaia in Ionia. struck during the late 6th century BC. This tiny, tiny coin (less than 6mm in diameter) depicts the head of a griffin on the obverse with incuse squares on the reverse.

Price £38

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Silver 1/3 rd stater, from Arados and dating from the latter half of the 4th century BC. Obverse depicts a bearded deity and the reverse a galley. 12mm diameter.

Price £56

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Islands off Ionia - Samos
Silver tetrobol of Samos, dating from 439-394 BC, depicting the forepart of a bull on each side. An attractive and scarce little coin measuring about 13 mm in diameter at widest point.

Price £78

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Silver drachm of Antiochos III (The Great) 223-187 BC, the obverse depicting his portrait and the reverse Apollo seated S6946.

Price £38

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