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The Hammered coins shop.
My shop in Blackheath Village where we sold coins from 1953 to 2003. However, please contact me now by telephone or through my postal address PO Box 118 Bexley DA5 9DG

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When you own a shop selling very old coins, (1000 years is not extraordinary for a hammered coin and a 2000 year old Roman coin is normal) you dread people phoning you up and telling you they have some old coins they would like to sell. The trouble is, the term "old coins" means different things to different people.  To me, a coin classed as "old" should have a bit of age, and thus in my eyes, any coin less than 200 years old is undoubtedly modern.

   Ancient Greek coins, for example, really are "old", going back somewhere in the neighbourhood of two and a half thousand years. They can be little works of art too. However, for items of such antiquity, they are surprisingly affordable. I suppose size must have something to do with it, for if a Greek tetradrachm were the size of a soup plate, it would be considered a priceless treasure!  

I also love Roman coins, for to touch one is to touch history. To hold something that was once used to pay a soldier in the army of Mark Antony over 2000 years ago is remarkable. If you put 2 trays of Roman coins together, you can see the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, for nothing reflects the gradual decay of the Roman world more vividly than it's coinage. Just look at the way the fine silver denari declines in quality and content, finaly giving way to the base silver antoninian (supposedly worth double) and eventually becoming a small copper travesty with a silver wash.,

However I think it's fair to say that I enjoy hammered coins most of all. If only they could talk!  How many pennies of Elizabeth I that I have handled, were once used to pay for entrance to the Globe Theatre? How many were once used by the Bard himself?  

Byzantine coins are fascinating too, and I have now added a page of Byzantine & Islamic coins as well as one of 17th and 18th century (Conder) tokens. (I have always collected 18th century tokens myself . .  a remarkable series, which smack of buckled shoes, wigs and political upheaval) 

Please be wary of fly-by-night crooks as there has been some recent publicity regarding a large number of forgeries being offered for sale in online auctions.  I have been in business a long time and can always be contacted by phone or the internet.  I do not deal in forgeries.  ALL of my ancient coins are GUARANTEED GENUINE and come with my printed receipt and guarantee of authenticity. 

If you are interested in old coins, and I mean really old coins, I'm sure you'll find something suitable here.  If not, add this site to your list of favourites . . we're sure to have something for you in the near future. 

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I am always keen to buy collections.  If you have any Roman, Byzantine, Ancient Greek, or any British coins at all, including medals, medallions or tokens, please contact me through this website, or telephone   

01322 405911

My aim is to offer a wide range of quality items through my website, but I cannot display my entire stock of coins in this way.  If you are looking for anything in particular in the way of Roman, Greek or Hammered coins, or wish to ask questions about any of the items displayed here, please don't hesitate to phone me at the above number . . . I am always keen to chat with collectors and dealers alike.

Privacy Policy. .  Please be assured, we do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Delivery . . .I try very hard to send your coins the following day, but I am a one man show and there will be times . . weekends, holidays, sickness, plague, collapse of the internet, fire, flood and the Armageddon when this will not be possible and I apologise now in advance.   If you need the coin by a specific date, it would be helpful if you'd let me know.

Biographies . . Many of the Roman Emperors can be supplied with a potted biography.  These can sometimes be useful when supplying the coin as a Christmas or a birthday present.  These come at no extra charge, but please let me know if you require one.  It might add a day to the delivery time. 

Refunds.  . Customers may return any coin for full refund within 2 weeks of purchase for any reason, provided the coin has not been cleaned or altered in any way.

Lastly, Please note . .  I do not hire my website to advertisers, so customers can take their time browsing through my pages, looking at Roman, Greek and hammered coins without being pestered by pop up or any other kind of advertising.  Please enjoy!



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Vale Coins
PO Box 118


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Medieval, Roman and Ancient Greek coins from a dealer that has been around almost as long as they have!



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